Woody Johnson at league meeting on WFT investigation: “We’re here for football”

Are you ready for some football? Football is family. We’re here for football.

The last of those three sentences could very well be the first talking point issued by the league to the various owners who face questions at the league meeting in New York about the Washington Football Team workplace investigation and email scandal.

Case in point, Jets owner Woody Johnson was asked whether the materials should be made public. Said Johnson (via Mark Maske of the Washington Post), “I don’t know. That’s something between the league and the various people involved in that. I’m not going to really opine on that. We’re here for football.”

Yes, we’re here for football. Don’t be surprised if more owners say that, or something like it.

The WFT situation is football. It’s an important part of the football business. And as an owner of one of the league’s 32 teams, Johnson has a partial say in whether, for example, the league will decide to release the emails.

Johnson is the league, or at least 1/32nd of it. His opinion matters. He can choose not to share it, but it matters.

He also can choose to recite talking points that help the league avoid dealing with the issue, especially since the league has a constant stream of bright, shiny objects that distract attention from controversy in the form of football games on Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

We’re here for football. Are you ready for some football? After all, football is family.